Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in AZ was great

I was only able to go home for 5 days so I soaked up every bit of it. 

I spent time with my lovely friends, it felt like I never left. This was the night of our "friends talent show" at Sweetcakes.

Christmas Eve, the fam got together and made gingerbread houses. It is a fun new tradition to us.

Of course Kodi's would be the coolest design, bell tower included.

I also spent some time with Bradley on Christmas Eve, it was so good to catch up with him and see his friends again. I miss this child!

Christmas day, I spent the morning with my beautiful family, including my adorable nephew Parker.

I learned how to crochet a beanie off a 5 minute youtube video and created this little number for part of Kodi's Christmas present. 
I gave Lindsey the first season of Gossip Girl to keep her company while she hangs out with Parker all day. I also got Kodi and Lindsey (husband and wife) argyle sweaters, and I'm really hoping they wear them on the same day haha. 

As for my parents, I thought it would be fitting to give them an electric toothbrush :)

Becca and I spent some time together Christmas day as well, but she was in New York the rest of the week so I didn't get my fill of her! I need to see her again pronto!


Cassie said...

So if you would not have told me that Parker was your nephew I would have known just from these pictures that he was totally Kodi's son. His eyes totally give it away.

Becca and I have the same pj pants. Holla!

I hope the coach was good at crocheting. I love meeting new people too.

Willi Nixon said...

Yeah Parker looks exactly like Kodi it's so funny!