Sunday, December 6, 2009


I know I've griped a lot about snow in the past... I seem to remember a good three months during 2007/2008 when I would lay in my bed ALL day to spite winter. I wrote a lot of poems... haha it was a very bleak winter. I wrote poems about how much I hated walking to school with wet shoes. I wrote about having a flood in my room for 3 weeks. I wrote about talking to myself when the snow kept me locked in my room. Haha I was so miserably precious.

Well things have changed my friend!!! This morning I woke up at my friends' house and looked out the window to find about 8 inches of snow. Honestly, it's beautiful! I gathered my things and went outside, busted out my snow brush/scraper to clean off my car. I was feeling ambitious so I did a couple other cars too. Yeah, my hands were freezing because I didn't have gloves, but I guess I'm ready for winter.
Getting ready to drive on the first unpaved roads :)
Secretly, I went joy riding in an empty parking lot haha

Haha I had just woken up, and I was trying to smile normal...

The snow will still get old, I know I will miss the sun, and I soon may post and contradict myself. All I'm saying is that today, I'm happy.

Love you all


Joslyn Marie said...

im so glad you love the snow.. help me love it. im scuuured to death to drive in it . p.s i need a girls night soooon. please. ilove you so much willi nixon

Jenna said...

Scraped off your car AND a few others? If I ever move back up to Utah we can be roommates. Sometimes I wouldn't even scrape off my car. Too cold.

And as far as coming up with fun things to do in AZ, I can't take all of the credit. Dustin has a pretty hip roommate that gives us all of his fun ideas. So we take them and run! Haha! I want to play with you and all of the girls in that house when you guys get home!

Teddy said...

you better still love the snow in january when i get there!!!