Monday, December 7, 2009

The Snow Ball, so classy right?

Ladies of the night

On Saturday, a friend of mine threw a ball. She sent out invitations a month ago and it was such a classy affair haha. Basically we all just got dressed up, went to Park City, and danced the night away :)

My group of friends made that party

Turns out my date is not a huge fan of dancing
with strangers... so I took a break to be a wallflower with him

I forgot how much I love getting dressed up :)

These are things I will require from my future husband:
Have a profession that requires us to dress up for work parties
Take me to symphonies or ballets so we can dress up
Appreciate how much I like dressy events


Joslyn Marie said...

oh my gosh how fuuuun is this!! you look beautiful:)

Joslyn Marie said...
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nadia shea said...

you girls are so fun! Seriously. You guys always stick together and have a blast. I hat Utah for taking you all away.