Sunday, February 7, 2010

all in good karma

Yesterday Teddy and I went to the gym. Teddy told me she was going to leave her purse in the car so I should lock it.
"Oh that's smart, I wanna leave mine in here too", I thought.
Just as I locked the door and slammed it shut my jaw dropped and my face was overcome with worry. I ran to catch up with Teddy.
"I locked both sets of keys in the car". Yep, both Teddy's key and my key locked securely in the car.

Long story short and many phone calls later, a nice man in the parking lot overheard my dilemma.
"Why don't you just call AAA?"
"Oh I'm not a member so I don't want to pay them to do it" I replied.
"Well I'm a member so I'll just pretend it's my car." And he did just that. 45 minutes waiting for the van to come and 1 minute to unlock my car, this guy was my hero.

As I was driving away I thought, good karma comes back around. Just the day before I had seen a paralyzed man at the gym starting to slide out of his wheel chair. As everyone walked passed him we made eye contact and I walked over to help. I lifted each of his legs and placed them back on the footrest and helped him scoot back in his chair. This story sounds a lot more reverent now then when I told Becca about it... she seemed to think me helping a paralyzed man was hilarious haha. Come on Becs, I'm a good person!

So next time you have an opportunity to help a stranger, doooo it! It will come back to you when you most need it


Amber said...

Yay! I am so glad you got taken care of. I kept peeking into the parking lot, and then you were gone. Hooray for karma!

ME said...

aww willard you are darling, glad you guys got your keys :)