Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Someone loves me

Today was a pretty long day. I slept about 3 hours last night because I was cramming for a test today, that I did mediocre on. Just one of those long days.

I came home from school today, and Emily checked the mail. She handed me an envelope, looked something like this:

"Yuck it's a bill. I don't want it." I said as I opened it. I thought it was kind of strange that there was no return address.
I pulled out a tri-folded sheet of white paper. "Yep, it's a bill." I said to Emily.

I opened the top third. Blank. That's weird.

I opened the bottom third, and what do you know? It was a bill.



A $100 bill. The paper was blank. Unsigned. My address had been typed so I couldn't guess from the handwriting. Emily and I screamed and freaked out for a minute. I thought I might explode.
(Me about to explode).

I love the many blessings that are in my life. I love the power of paying tithing. I love having anonymous people who support me as a starving student. I don't know who it was, but thank you so much for being so kind!! I will use it wisely, and save it for my next "bill" that comes in the mail!


Joslyn Marie said...

oh. my. willi. you are so amazing. i love that you had that happen:] you deserve it. paying tithing really is so powerful. i've seen it in my life so many times. i love and miss you so much pretty girl.

p.s you're cute when you're about to explode.

Jacie Bowen said...

lol i was gonna say, somebody paid their tithing!!

Lindzie said...

It's from AZ...I think it was Gma Marsha :)

Kodi & Lindsey Nixon said...

that was mine & kodi's - i accidentally dropped it in the mail so please return it asap ;)

i told kodi i thought it was your grandparents too only because they love to mail stuff. its my favorite when they mail my birthday card from across town.

hope you have a great day - miss you!!

Willi Nixon said...

yes, it could have been grandma and grandpa, but they also have my account number so they could have just deposited it... i don't know the mystery continues!

Katelyn said...

willi, that's so awesome! way to be righteous!

no more being tired and worn out, you need to take a day for yourself and go pamper yourself and have a picnic in the park and all that good stuff. (unless it's still cold and snowy there which it is not here. I keep forgetting it's still winter.) But for real, take a day for yourself and just relax. I promise you it will pay off!

much love from az.

Josie Thompson said...

Wow Willi that is amazing! You are such an awesome girl, I loved this story! You are so amazing!

Amber said...

yay!! blessings for everyone! that is the most exciting thing ever!!