Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Arizona. Oh, and Happy V-Day too

First and foremost, today is Arizona's birthday. Now, I'm aware that I have been a Utah resident for three years now, but everyone knows I left my heart in AZ.
I know I'll always be an Arizonan because:
I used to save dental masks so I could grip the steering wheel in the summer.
My parents house is made of stucco and clay tile on the roof.
I used to run the air conditioner in the winter so I could use my fireplace.
I understand that QT is not just a gas station.
I think daylight savings is confusing and pointless.
My friends and I all stick together in Utah and are very proud of where we come from!
I love you Arizona!

On another note, today is Valentines Day. I've been working all weekend and the crowds have been insane. I'm also working tonight which is a bummer. I, being someone who isn't too fond of the holiday, am surprised by how many thoughtful people thought of me today! My mom send me a package, Ben sent me flowers, and I got cards from Carole, Grandma Marsha-Grandpa Nick, Callie, and some hand made valentines from the boys next door.

Living with 7 girls, there was bound to be a few sets of flowers on our table. I'm glad we are loved :)


Julie said...

AZ pride. All the way.

Kayla Roussel said...

i love your list of why youre an arizonan haha its perfect!!

ps kait and i were going through old cds with pics on them and we found the ones from the 4th of july in cali when i took you guys!! what a fun trip!