Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update on new years resolutions

On the 1st of the year, I made several resolutions and I think it's appropriate to recap, or else there was no point to making the resolutions.

#1 was to meet new people. I have made a couple new friends, and reconnected with some old ones, but I could do better.
#2 I am yet to have someone call me a "sweet person". It's gonna take some time.
#3 Lose 10 pounds by March 1st, I am well on my way :) 5 down, 5 to go.
#4 I have prayed more often :) and am blessed because of it
#5 I wanted to attend all 3 hours of church every week. I have failed. I made it to three hours one week, and only two hours the other weeks. But hey, 2 is better than 1!
#6 Go to Arizona at least 4 times. I booked my flight to come home March 11th for Ashley's wedding :)
#7 Do my laundry every week. YES I have done this! My laundry gets done every week, now it's just a matter of putting it all away.

So far 2010 is successful. My body is trying to tell me to slow down though, because I have major sleeping problems. I'm tired all day, and when it's time for bed at night I lay awake till 2 in the morning. And then when morning comes, my alarms don't wake me up. This is NOT like me!! So a new goal of mine is to try and get 6 hours of sleep every night. We'll see how it goes


Jacie Bowen said...

ohhhh you poor girl. 6 hours?! thats still not enough. i need a good 9 every night, and thats just how it goes. last week i had a night with 5.5 and one with 6. i felt like death. go to bed!

Kodi & Lindsey Nixon said...

srsly you need more than 6. shoot for 7 or 8 :) you'll feel much better. hope you are doing good, we are excited to see you in march. little boy will be walking by then, probably running. we'll have to do an almost 1 yr old b-day party when you come since you guys will still be paryting in UT when he turns 1.

nicole said...

hey just so you know i was talking about you with the Em the other day and i called you a sweetheart :) does that count? check off another one...seriously i didn't even make that up!!! love you, sleep more silly face head.