Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jamie turns 21!!

Jamie Patterson turned 21 this morning. Wahooo! Words cannot describe how much I love this girl. We spend every second of our free time together. Some may say we are "dating". Believe whatever you'd like to :) Haha but really, Jamie is the greatest and here's why:

We met a zillion years ago and we are still such great friends. This was in high school, one of our first pictures together in the cafeteria room!

Yesterday, I told her I would pay her to clean my room [mostly joking] and I came home to 0 mess! She rarely gets frustrated at me for being a slob.

She is one of the FUNNIEST people ever. And on top of that, she thinks I'm funny. This never happens.

She is the best gym buddy ever and I think I would weigh 500 lbs if we didn't work out together

We have ALL of the same clothes, and we love to be twins.

She is refreshingly blunt! What you see is what you get with Jamie and I LOVE it.

She has the best taste in music, and always keeps me up to date with it. [@Jonsi concert]

Jamie I am so grateful for you and for our friendship. You are such a blessing to me! I'm so happy that living together brings us even closer. XOXO

Enough of that mushy stuff, come in the kitchen Jamie. I made you breakfast :)


The Wrights said...

I love both of youuu! I wish we could have all been there to celebrate!

Meg and B said...

WHAT?!?! Where was I for this breakfast?! Thanks guys! :)

Jenna Robert said...

We sure do love our mimsters!

Jacie Saltzman said...

yeahhhh shes a total babe. that bi...

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Happy Bday Jamie!

...I spy Danika in the back of that first picture in the cafateria, loved her!

Jamie said...

hahaha for real- that picture of me needs to die- high school was not so great to me.

speaking of great- willi you are so great! thank you for making my birthday extra special. you really are such a great friend! love you!

The Smarts said...

i love you both more than you know! yesterday was great