Monday, January 17, 2011


Making Panda proud. Growing up, Mother dear always made pazookies, or "scookies" for my friends when they came over. I think that's the main reason people hung out at my house in high school.

Well be proud! Last night was pazookie night at our house :)

Jamie and I win most awkward picture award. As usual. What can I say, we love each other :)


Jamie said...

ah yea! i love pazookie night. zach is freaking tan next to us- embarrassing

Jacie Saltzman said...

what the hell? gimme dat

taryn said...

can you bring those to potluck monday next week? i want it to be my entire lunch.

Jenna Robert said...

Yum! Those look way good. I'm so glad you and Mimers have each other!