Sunday, January 9, 2011

Say no to pancho

Never should have bought that dang pancho. I can't bring myself to wear anything else. It's been going on all week.

Does anyone else have a go-to item of clothing that you always wear and convince yourself "it's okay"?


Candi said...

My go to item are 3 pairs of really cute royal blue scrubs :) ha

But in all seriousness I think I'm going to invest in a poncho! Looks so comfy

nick said...

The poncho looks good.

My Jcrew buttoned up madras shirt abuse could be considered inappropriate. I've been known to wear it back to back.

Willi Nixon said...

Nick, I was once told that a mens Jcrew button up was the replacement boys "black t-shirt", but for grown ups. Which means it's totally justifiable to wear back to back :)