Monday, January 26, 2009

103' and rising

Soooooooo I woke up yesterday and felt like DEATH. I haven't been sick in 2 1/2 years since I had laser light therapy on my throat, but it finally caught up with me. After a really long day, and a 103' fever yesterday, I'm feeling much better today. I'm almost done with a story I wrote for my creative writing class; it's titled It All Started with a Pair of Boots. It is about being seventeen... and it takes place during my trip to New York. I'm pretty excited about it!

I have a million things I need to do for school this week but I'm having a really hard time getting motivated. I guess I'm too stressed about other things to worry about classes that I'm only taking for fun. I NEED A JOB. I've been looking for a few weeks, no one wants me :(

Last week I came up with the brilliant idea to come home for Valentines Day!! My roommates all have boyfriends... so Provo is the last place I want to be. Plus it's a three day weekend so the timing is perfect.

The other night, Kelsey Webster, my roommate Callie, and a couple guys went 80's dancing in Salt Lake with me. It was really fun! I can't wait to go back when Becca comes up here in March cause she will be hilarious!

Snow sucks. The end.


joslyn and golden goodman said...

This loooks fuunnn! You better come see me when you come down ms. willi! I miss you, I can't believe Ben's gone.. He's going to be the best missionary. Love you, cute girl!

Heather Sproul said...

I know I want you to come to hawaii with us too! come on just blow off responsiblity! but are you coming down for V-day? I will take you for a joy ride! Hope you are feeling better!

Callie Mae said...

You said no body wants you... DONT BE RIDICULOUS, I WANT YOU! :) Glad you are feeling better

Marci and Sarah! said...

Girl are you driving to Az? And if so do you maybe want some company???

Jonathan said...

Are you embarrassed to let people read your stories? Because if not, I'd LOVE to read some.