Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I want every day to be of epic importance

But really. Do you ever sit at home, alone, eating SweetTarts at your computer litstening to music, daydreaming of a life-changing moment you have experienced? That's pretty much where I'm at right now. I mean, I know everyday can't be spent in foreign cities or sky diving or laying in a park in the sun... I know some days must be spent doing my duties, going to school, and eventually sitting in an empty apartment. But I wish everyday could be one of those awe-inspiring days; however they can't so I'll just have to settle for reflecting on past experiences.

I remember a particular day two years ago (wow I didn't realize it was that long ago until I wrote it just now), a day in New York city. It was March 15th to be exact. It was my first full day in New York; I had gone there with my choir to sing in Carnegie hall. My mom and a few other family members also came up to enjoy this experience with me. On this particular day I took my first subway.

I went on my first ferry ride.
I had really cold toes because my shoes weren't warm enough.
I took my jacket off so I would look cute in pictures even though it was so cold.
I forced conversations.
I smiled a lot.
I observed sadness on a friend's face
I found out the statue of liberty isn't as tall as it looks on TV.
I learned the meaning of "big city".
I watched my mom light up like a 5 year old when she saw the sights in New York.
I made memories with people who would eventually become some of my best friends.
I felt the history of our country.
I felt passionate about anything and everything.

And today, my SweetTarts are gone but I'm still sitting at my computer in my empty apartment, and I'm reliving all of those feelings.


The Cottams said...

i like that picture. i wish i could have gone to new york with you guys. but we all know, i'm just not a singer. I'm glad you're having fun lately over there:)

Marci and Sarah! said...

I loved that trip! We should all go back, I miss it so much!!!

kimharrison said... are the best blogger! I creative. Your pictures are all so cute and I love reading the blogs! I hope this year is going well for you. I miss you! We'll have to catch up when I'm back in Provo.

Kaitlyn Williams said...

Willi! Why are you so perfect?!