Thursday, July 2, 2009

In Odd Company

Since I haven't been working this summer, what better way to fill my time than to go on random adventures?

I've made a ton of new friends since I moved back to Arizona, and here is why:
Every time someone invites me to to something, no matter who it is (even if its someone super random) and no matter what they are inviting me to do, I say yes.
As long as the company and the activity are not harmful to my health, why not go? I've got nothing better to do.

So last week, I went to the lake in odd company. Bradley Cluff (one of my best friends) and some of his friends invited me and we had such a great day :)
Me and Bradley Bear
This is daniel, he's the one who invited me to come with them on his boat :)

I find something so refreshing in talking to people who are really different from me. Just because we have very different lifestyles and different goals doesn't mean I can't enjoy their company and learn things from them.

Here's to unconventional friendships :)

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Jacie Bowen said...

haha your little moto is exactly why i went on so many dates the first two years of college. huzzah to random good times!