Sunday, July 19, 2009


does anyone else have a hard time looking their dog in the eye because you know what they've done?
a couple days ago my family was out of town, and i was left to hold down the fort with woody, the family dog. unfortunately i got really sick one of the nights. i took drowsy medicine hoping to sleep it off, but instead of making me sleepy it just made me a little loopy and somewhat emotional. becca came over to take care of me for a while, and when i was ready to go to bed we walked up stairs.
the first thing i saw in the living room was woody, hovering over bits and pieces of the bird he had killed and brought inside. there were feathers everywhere, and i think bones too. after yelling some harsh words at the creature (dog), becca and i locked ourselves securely in my room. i immediately burst into tears. whaaat?? i NEVER cry haha. i think it was the medicine... but all i know is i cried and laughed and gagged for a few minutes.

like the big sweetheart he is, our friend grant came over and cleaned up the bird remains. why he did this for us, i dont know. but i'm so thankful.

teddy was worried i might have beat woody, so she told marianne to come check on him the next day. we took pictures to prove that i was trying to make friends with the dog... he is still scared of me though.


Anonymous said...

hahaha i love how much you hate animals, it cracks me up!

Vanessa and Kevin said...

Haha! No more drowsy medicine for you!