Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Patrick, I wish you weren't such a drunk

Anyone who knows me knows that I thrive on awkward situations. This weekend something so funny happened.

I was house sitting for Kodi (brother) and Lindsey (sister in law) for a few days. I really enjoyed it and made good friends with their dog Patrick. (This is kind of a big deal because I hate animals.) Well Sunday morning came along, and I picked Bradley up to come hang out with me. We watched a movie and hung out with the dog for a little bit. Then it came time for church. I ended up leaving Bradley at the house while I went to sacrament meeting. Well Bradley smokes, which is gross but I love him anyways, and he is also known to have a drink or two... and happened to have vodka with him. His cigarrettes and alcohol were sitting on the end table as he sat down to play the piano. As he is playing, Lindsey's family walked in the door to pick up some things on their way back from California! Imagine their surprise, expecting to find me and instead finding a strange young man, rocking the piano next to his vodka and cigarrettes hahah. Bradley explained himself, and luckily everyone saw the humor in the situation instead of being freaked out. They took a picture of Patrick with the handle of vodka and titled it "Patrick is having a good time", which they sent to Lindsey and Kodi.

Oh goodness, I love you Bradley and I am so glad you and Patrick could bond while I was in sacrament meeting :)


Jacie Bowen said...

:) i love this. plus that dog looks like a stuffed animal i used to have (ok i still have it and sleep with it every night) also, sometimes i just go to your blog to have the music play in the background of whatever im doing on the comp.

Amber said...

Willi, you always get in the worst situations and somehow manage to think its funny! I need to be more like that