Friday, July 17, 2009

World Traveler

Prescott on the 4th of July, who would have thought it could be so much fun? Becca and her friends invited me to tag along, and even though I had gone to bed at 5:00 a.m. the night before (due to swimming adventures with klay) I went to Prescott in the morning and had so much fun.

Things to remember:
the best meal I have EVER eaten, a mushroom sanwhich.
the biggest farmer's market I've ever seen with a ton of cool art
a carnival with music, snow cones, and naps in the grass. I love Becca and co.

So I drove back from Prescott and arived at home around midnight. The very next morning I drove, and stephanie mills (who was then a stranger) accompanied me on my drive to Lake Powell. We talked the whole 5 hours and had so much fun haha. Lindsey Barney invited me and it was even better than I had hoped! We met up with Lindsey's brother Justin and some of his friends.

I was really impressed with the boys' ability to prepare and plan ahead for the trip. All of us slept comfortably on air mattresses or cots (I take that back, only two of the air mattresses stayed blown up in the night, but it was the thought that counted).
(the boys trying to spear a catfish)

One of the days was super windy and we were all pretty tired of sand blowing in our faces, so the boys got out this pump/fire hose thing and sprayed down the sand. Who thinks of that? So impressed.

I woke up early and drove home Wednesday morning, and as soon as I got home I washed my clothes, packed my bag up again, and left Thursday for Rocky Point!

Mexico is one of my favorite vacations. I loved it. About 20 of our friends went and stayed in the Williams' condos. The beach was beautiful and so are my friends :) I got to know a lot of people who I didn't know very well before, what can I say Mexico is a bonding experience.

We filled our days with beaching/swimming at the pool, and then we filled our nights with Manny's and ice box (mexican clubs). Clubbing with my friends is just a whole new realm of fun. We had people riding mechanical bulls, Ernest falling off the table, and the rest you'd have to see to believe.

I love my friends! Thanks for all of the fun adventures right before work started :)


Amber said...

Willi how do you get to go on all of these fun trips! I'm so jealous! You and your friens look like you are having a really fun summer

Brianne said...

Dang girl you are black in all your pictures! give me some of your tan!

Anonymous said...

your all over the world crazy girl! i am glad i could acompany you in the long 5 hour journey to powell. good times.

Anonymous said...

haha thank you for these pictures willi

Willi Nixon said...

you're welcome? haha i'm glad you enjoyed them