Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trip to the cabin, nothing gets better

Last weekend Becca and I wandered up to my family's cabin. I have been a lot of cool places, but going to my cabin has got to be one of my favorite get aways. It is absolutely beautiful, and feels like home to me. We went on some hikes, and swam/laid out in the creek. I got FRIED. Other than than we just watched movies and hung out :)
My mom always makes me look so white haha.
Nothing gets better than some old box springs chained to trees with a feather mattress on top. This really is my favorite spot on the planet.
Getting in touch with nature :) haha. but really.

One night while at the cabin, I went for a lovely run. The run turned kinda ugly when the sun went down and I had a mile left to run in the dark. Yep, running down a tiny dirt road next to vacant cabins in the sliver-of-moonlight resulted in me running an ultra fast mile haha.

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willi this is such a cute post, you always have a unique way to think about things