Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rules:Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose people to be tagged.

1. I am the ultimate procrastinator
2. I have really curly hair but I straighten in every day
3. I pick my cuticles when I’m stressed out
4. Some people think I’m a snob, but I’m really just shy
5. I’m currently wearing spandex
6. I could spend a whole day doing nothing but listening to music, and be perfectly content
7. I love alone time, but only when it’s by choice
8. My best friends and family live at least 600 miles away from me
9. I love learning and reading, but mostly writing
10. All adults fall in love with me and think I’m a saint
11. Sometimes I spend hours looking through the 20,000 pictures on my computer
12. I’m going to school for dental hygiene
13. I don’t think blogging or writing anything is a waste of time
14. I wish I played more music than I do
15. I’m the most honest person you’ll ever meet, yet I have a lot of secrets
16. I can’t cry
17. I like to be crazy and fun, but I don’t get to very often
18. I have a burgundy statue of Buda on my desk
19. I will make someone really happy one day
20. If my feelings are hurt, no one would ever know
21. I love singing
22. I'm going to be an aunt soon :)
23. I love conversations, any time anywhere with anyone
24. I have recently re-descovered cream of wheat and how good it is
25. I'm pretty much a chef

Becca Callie Heather Estee Kim Tara Joslyn Lindsey Kaitlyn Megan.... pretty much anyone who read this. OK GO

Monday, January 26, 2009

103' and rising

Soooooooo I woke up yesterday and felt like DEATH. I haven't been sick in 2 1/2 years since I had laser light therapy on my throat, but it finally caught up with me. After a really long day, and a 103' fever yesterday, I'm feeling much better today. I'm almost done with a story I wrote for my creative writing class; it's titled It All Started with a Pair of Boots. It is about being seventeen... and it takes place during my trip to New York. I'm pretty excited about it!

I have a million things I need to do for school this week but I'm having a really hard time getting motivated. I guess I'm too stressed about other things to worry about classes that I'm only taking for fun. I NEED A JOB. I've been looking for a few weeks, no one wants me :(

Last week I came up with the brilliant idea to come home for Valentines Day!! My roommates all have boyfriends... so Provo is the last place I want to be. Plus it's a three day weekend so the timing is perfect.

The other night, Kelsey Webster, my roommate Callie, and a couple guys went 80's dancing in Salt Lake with me. It was really fun! I can't wait to go back when Becca comes up here in March cause she will be hilarious!

Snow sucks. The end.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So yesterday I had the opportunity to go with the Richards' family to take Ben to the MTC! It was really weird not being able to hug Ben the few days they were in Provo since he was already set apart, but I'm so glad I had a chance to see missionary Ben. He is so excited and ready to share the gospel, and I couldn't be more happy for him!

David and I took a non-awkward picture since he's not set apart :)

It was so cute to see all of the missionaries crying and saying bye to their families... After the meeting in the MTC was over Ben stood up, gave a quick hug to his family, shook my hand, and walked out the door! No tears were shed on his part or mine, too exciting to be sad.

Bye Ben and good luck!!! If you want to write him letters his MTC address is:

Elder Benjamin Taylor Richards

MTC Mailbox #128CAN-EDM 0209

2005 N. 900 E.Provo, UT 84604-1793

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I want every day to be of epic importance

But really. Do you ever sit at home, alone, eating SweetTarts at your computer litstening to music, daydreaming of a life-changing moment you have experienced? That's pretty much where I'm at right now. I mean, I know everyday can't be spent in foreign cities or sky diving or laying in a park in the sun... I know some days must be spent doing my duties, going to school, and eventually sitting in an empty apartment. But I wish everyday could be one of those awe-inspiring days; however they can't so I'll just have to settle for reflecting on past experiences.

I remember a particular day two years ago (wow I didn't realize it was that long ago until I wrote it just now), a day in New York city. It was March 15th to be exact. It was my first full day in New York; I had gone there with my choir to sing in Carnegie hall. My mom and a few other family members also came up to enjoy this experience with me. On this particular day I took my first subway.

I went on my first ferry ride.
I had really cold toes because my shoes weren't warm enough.
I took my jacket off so I would look cute in pictures even though it was so cold.
I forced conversations.
I smiled a lot.
I observed sadness on a friend's face
I found out the statue of liberty isn't as tall as it looks on TV.
I learned the meaning of "big city".
I watched my mom light up like a 5 year old when she saw the sights in New York.
I made memories with people who would eventually become some of my best friends.
I felt the history of our country.
I felt passionate about anything and everything.

And today, my SweetTarts are gone but I'm still sitting at my computer in my empty apartment, and I'm reliving all of those feelings.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What a way to start the new year

Ben and all his favorite girls at his farewell

So this is the first post of 2009!!! The family reunion in aspen groves was really fun. We stayed in a lodge with the whole family, i think it was 34 of us. I feel so lucky to have such a huge and great family who all still like each other now that we're adults. Pictures are still on the way... my mom was gonna send them a while ago but you know her and technology dont mix.

I started school on the 5th; my classes are going well and I think I'm really going to enjoy creative writing and my literature class. Physiology is intimidating but we'll just have to wait and see how the tests go.

This past weekend I flew home (thanks to Carole and Leonard) for Ben's farewell. It was a really good weekend full of my favorite people. Ben gave a really good talk and we all went to his house for lunch afterwords.

Sunday evening on the way to the airport I was able to go to Dennis Barney's viewing. It was AMAZING how many people came to show their support of the Barney family. The memorial set up for him was also beautiful, so many pictures of his family and children. He is one of the greatest men I have ever known and he will obviously be missed by so many people.

Now I'm back in Provo... back to school. Sometimes it can be hard to come back here when Arizona is so comfortable. My family is there, all of my close friends are there, and the sun shines there. Utah doesn't have ANY of those things haha. But Utah does have BYU and that's where I need to be I suppose.

Me and my two best friends, our last picture together!!

Sissy Tedster and I

It is also really hard to leave the cleanliness and comfort of my parent's home only to come to my filthy apartment where the heater has been out for a week and a half.