Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby I got style

You know how some girls post pictures daily of the cute things they wore? {}I decided I should become a part of that world.

I am pretty sure, however, that I have failed in my attempt. I look so gross every day and it really gets me down! haha

First I wore these super cute blue scrubs, froms That's a terrible name for a company in my opinion.
I paired those sexy blue scrubs with some white vans. Classy right?
I was clearly in a better mood by this point after school, and I put on a tank top and spandex to go to power kick boxing at the gym. (I'll spare you the picture of the spandex, for your benefit)
This lovely combo I paired with nike's. So trendy, right?
After the gym, I came home and showered. I immediately got into sweats, and will wear those to bed.

My question is, when did I become such a fashion icon? Lady got styyyyle


{megs in wonderland} said...

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum girl!

mama likes.

Jacie Bowen said...

bahahh! i just found one of those blogs yesterday, and i thought to myself... who has time to wear cute things EVERY day?! you and me both sistah

Julie said...

I didn't know you had a blog. Sweet, another one for me to check when I should be studying!

P.S. Scrubs and workout clothes are the best.

Natalie said...

may i say that you pull off the blue scrubs very well? :) by the way, i showed jeremy our drawings. he loved them. but definitely not as much as i did!

Jenna said...

haha this made me laugh. (not the fact that you have swine flu, of course). Thanks for the scrubs website. I might just have to use that for Dustin's Christmas present. Haha! Feel better!