Sunday, November 22, 2009

A testimony of tithing

I procrastinate many things, and tithing is one of them. Each year, instead of taking ten percent of each paycheck and giving it to my bishop at the time, I tallie up my paychecks all year and make one large tithing check at the end of the year.

Yes, it is MUCH harder this way and I don't know why I insist on doing it every year.

This year was particularly difficult, because I'm broke as a joke. I reluctantly paid my tithing on Sunday at my tithing settlement appointment.

Now here is where it gets interesting. I was nervous about where I would come up with money I needed before I would get my next paycheck, and the Lord blessed me.

Do you guys remember when I did Junior Miss? A completely embarrassing scholarship pageant that takes place your senior year of high school? Well, my friends, when I competed in this pageant, I won a scholarship in the Academic portion. I procrastinated submitting my winning certificate, and completely forgot to obtain the money I won. About a year later, I remembered and tried to get the money. Didn't happen.

Well two and a half years later, what do you know but Junior Miss sent me a check in the mail. Two days after I had paid my tithing. Wow.

Some experiences are simply undeniable. I know God lives.


Callie Mae said...

This is amazing. And I have a huge testimony of it too. Remember that one time I didnt get paid the money I was supposed to and had 15 days to come up with 3000 bucks so my dad didnt loose his job? I paid my tithing and received a check a few days later from that job for 3000- the exact amount i needed for my dad. God lives. He loves us. Tithing is real and God will bless us when we offer all we have to him. Im proud of you. I love you

nicole said...

you're crazy to wait so long to pay it!!! okay i still love you ;) that was an awesome story. miss your face