Friday, November 20, 2009

Bradley David Cluff

Today is Bradley's birthday and I want to give him a special tribute. Maybe in the form of a eulogy? Okay.

Bradley David Cluff (middle name after his father) was born on November 20th, 1989 to Kathi and David Cluff. He is the 6th of 8 children, with 5 older sisters and one younger brother. I'm sure his childhood was great... but lets fastforward to when I met him.

It was a beautiful summer day in Provo, Utah. We were both at EFY (cute right?), in the same group. As our group gathered for the first time, we played a get-to-know-you game in which you stand in a circle looking at the ground, and on the count of three you look up; you pair off and talk to the first person you make eye contact with.

I remember looking up and instantly finding Bradley's eyes and we went and talked. And this was the beginning of a long journey.

Throughout high school I'm pretty sure Bradley and I only hung out twice when it wasn't a school function. But when we went on choir trips or talked in our seminary class, we were besties. We helped each other through hard stuff. We also drew a lot of pictures to keep us occupied in seminary.

It wasn't until I moved to Utah that we became really close. We were great pen pal's, and still hang out when I come home.

These are the things I love and appreciate so much about Bradley:

-he has been my friend through a lot of crap

-he listens to my complaints, and then bluntly tells me I need to stop my self-pity

-he is hilarious

-he can be the biggest sweet pea of them all

-he can write awe-inspiring words and beautiful music

-no matter how much he changes, he is still that little 14 year old boy I met so many years ago



Dallan and Ashley said...

What a beautiful "Birthday Eulogy" I'm glad you two have remained friends. He's lucky to have you!

Lindzie said...

Cute blog!

Willi said...

Thanks ashley :) i'm lucky to have him too