Saturday, November 21, 2009

improper karma

Are you KIDDING me.

You would think that, since I don't eat meat/kill animals, they would do me a favor by leaving me alone.

Well that just isnt the case. You all remember the gopher from the summer. You remember the bat that lived in my chimney and somehow got out into my room. You even remember the time Woody (the dog) brought a dead bird inside. The trend has continued.

I was being a good girl and cleaning my room/filing a million papers that have been sitting on my desk this semester. When I opened my filing box to put some things in, I noticed some mouse poop inside. "Ew" I thought, and decided to pull all of the files out to dump any mouse poop into a trash can. Well guess what? Where there is mouse poop, there is also a mouse. Yep, a dead smashed mouse at the bottom of my cute brown suede filing box that I ended up throwing away.

I didn't scream, I didn't cry, but I freaked out for a good ten minutes and kept saying "I don't know what to do". Boy, do I love animals.


Jacie Bowen said...

hahah. thats rank. freaking disgusting. haha but of course

{megs in wonderland} said...

EEEEEEEEEK!!! andrew and i are both dying of laughter right now, because really wills, this WOULD happen to you... how did this even come to pass?!?! ick ick ick.

nicole said...

i think they (the animals) are speaking to you....EAT ME :) well not the mice but maybe the gopher....that's my translation. for some reason i feel like saying "LAYOFF I"M STARVING" ha ha ha