Sunday, November 1, 2009


I don't know why but I kind of hate Halloween. But his year was about as good as any other I guess. The two nights preceeding halloween I got dressed up in the old Spider costume that my mom made for me when I was 8. It doesnt quite fit the same, but still works :)

Thursday night I went to "Saloween" which is a birthday party for my friend Sal and a Halloween party. It was up at some cabin by Sundance.

Friday night my lovely roommates threw a party at the house. It was super funny to see my creepy friends (when I say that I mostly mean Chuck) trying to mix with people in my ward. No wonder I don't have friends in the ward yet. After my partayy we went to a haunted house put on by some people for free and it was SOOOO good and scary! I screamed the whole time and knocked Chuck's shoe off somehow. Then we went to yet another party at Alpine Village. There were too many people there, I kinda wanted to die if i had to touch another person's sweaty body.

So you can see the theme of the weekend was DANCE PARTYYYY, hence the reason I kinda dread Halloween haha. Saturday night I worked, and caught the end of Paranormal Activity at Weasel's house. Way too scary for me.

Scary movies at Wease's

Then I witnessed one of the strangest parties of my life. We went to Belmont and there was a huge crowd outside of one of the apartment buildings. Everyone was sober (I keep reminding myself this and it blows my mind). There were people jumping off balconies to be caught by the crowd, and one guy even did a back flip from like 12 feet up into a crowd of people.

THEN, my friend David Gephart (refer to picture below) arrived, and our new friend Dan Reynolds suggested we crowd surf David! David refused at first, I mean I would too if I were him, but Dan insisted and the crowd raised him up above their heads! It was a sight to see for sure.

David is on the left. Not the smallest friend I have.

We went to anooottthhhheeerrr party after that and the boys just creeped on girls the whole time. All in all twas alright, I just cant go to another dance party for a looooong time haha.

Saddest story of Halloween: I didnt carve a pumpkin. Thats the only part of Halloween I like.

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