Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day Five

A picture of your favorite memory

Honestly, there is no way to choose only one favorite memory. I scrolled through picture after picture for an hour trying to pick one, and there are so many memories that are dear to me.

But if I must, I'll say my most significant memory was singing a solo in Carnegie Hall. I miss it. In all the excitement of the night, it somehow slipped my mind to take pictures so I am left with this one, very off centered picture of myself backstage. Amazing memory.



Monica said...

Wow that's impressive and you're really pretty in the picture so it's ok that it's the only one you have.

Anonymous said...

Hi Willi!
You don't know me at all but I stumbled across your blog and I have to say that you are such a beautiful and gracious young woman - inside and out. I enjoyed reading your blog. It makes me happy to know that there are people like you in the world.

Best Wishes!