Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Four

A picture of your night

My life is really exciting. I actually got a message on Facebook today from a stranger that said "I feel like I've seen you on one occasion or another. Probably just around the Provo hotspots, perchance?"

To which I replied "maybe you've seen me... but I don't go to 'hotspots'".

It's true. My days consist of school and clinic, my nights consist of the gym and studying. Especially when my Meemers and Ronron are out of town. So as it goes, day 4 asked for a picture of my night.

I started the night early with a lil' happy hour pick me up.

I then attempted to study for my anesthesia boards, which resulted in me doing anything I could to avoid studying.

Then I went crazy.

So I went over to Becca's house, and we bit all of her See's chocolate from Valentines day in half to see what was inside. And pretended that I like dogs.

That's all for tonight folks!


Natalie said...

What the Willi holding a dog???

the southern hostess said...

All caught up! Now I'm looking forward to following along! :)

Court said...

i just have to say you are the only person/blogger i have seen that can pull off the "hombre" or whatever it's called hair. i could never pull it off and it looks fantastic on you! so stunning. people should really take note cause i've seen some horrible attempts!