Sunday, March 20, 2011

Generous people helping Japan

I'm not a huge fan of working on Sundays. It's really hard not to be able to sleep in, go to church, come home and relax. I worked all day today, but I had an idea which I think really changed my attitude about working this Sunday. I decided to donate my tips from the day to disaster relief in Japan. At the end of each table's meal, when I dropped off the check, I let my guests know about the tips being donated.

I was SO impressed with people's generosity. I know it is small, and I know that a couple hundred dollars isn't going to change anyone's life, but I also know that a little bit from a lot of people can go a long way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Willi, I was wondering where to get more information on making a donation to help Japan? I'm really impressed with what you did yesterday. You are quite an amazing woman.

-Roylynn Bradshaw

Willi Nixon said...

Roylynn, I got all of my information off of the website listed on this blog post, so start there :) Let me know if you have any specific questions!