Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day Fourteen

A picture of someone you couldn't imagine your life without

That person would be my sista sis Teddy.

Teddy and I fought a lot growing up (as sisters do), but in adulthood we've become really good friends. She is so thoughtful and is ALWAYS willing to surprise me with Diet Coke when I need it, fill my cupboards and fridge with groceries when I'm too busy, and this week she took it to a whole new level.

Example 1: Anesthesia board exams. I started studying on Monday - only 5 days ahead of time. Teddy came over for HOURS every single day and quized me to help my studying. Then Friday hit. She read me 50 pages of my textbook, and quized me until midnight. Then midnight came along and she offered to sleep over to make sure I woke up on time. When she went to move her car so it wouldn't get towed, she went all the way home to bring me melatonin to help me sleep. Then she came all the way back and slept on my extra mattress! She woke up with me at 6:00, and calmed me down before my test. I seriously couldn't have done it without her. She's the best/funniest person EVER.

And guess what? I PASSED MY ANESTHESIA BOARDS. Wahooo!

I was so grateful today for my steady hand (but really). The exams both went great and I was more than thrilled to get my "success memo"


Tyler + Zahara said...

Congrats girly!! Good work :)

taryn said...

Aww, I love sisters! Congrats, I knew you'd pass!